Thursday, August 12, 2010


Going to the movies is pretty much always a treat for me. Tonight's was especially so, since it's a workday. I was looking forward to watching Inception, especially after the fiasco when I tried to watch it on opening night.  My friend and I had a quick meal before heading off to the theater.  It seems I'd misread the online information, thinking there was a 6:30 show.  Turns out the next screening would be at 7:25.  So we had about an hour to kill.

I should have taken it as an indication that things weren't going to end up well for me tonight.  After grabbing coffee, we got to the theater early and chatted it up.  Then the lights dimmed and the trailers -- one of my favorite parts! -- came on.

The first one featured Dwayne Johnson and Billy Bob Thornton.  The film's called Faster (I had to look that up just now).  I didn't get it.

The next one was with Hilary Swank; she plays the sister of a man convicted to life in prison with no parole, who gets her GED and goes to law school to fight for his vindication and release.  It's based on a true story.  I almost started to cry.  (Maybe it's because I have brothers.)

Then came the one with Robert Downey, Jr. and that guy who plays Alan in The Hangover.  He kinda reminds me of Jack Black (they probably get that a lot).  The opening of the trailer was a scene at a public transport depot, in the rain.  Robert Downey, Jr. is telling the other guy about the last time he saw his father, how he was at that same depot, had two suitcases, boarded a bus (or train), and just left.  The other guy-- Zak Galifianakis, I just looked it up -- sitting on a bench with his dog, starts laughing heartily at Robert Downey, Jr.'s story, and says something like, "That's funny.  My dad would never do that to me!  He loved me!"

At which point the screen flickered, and went black.  Deja vu.

"This is what happened when I went to see Inception the first time!" I said, "Only this happened halfway through the movie! Now you know what it's like!"

The darkness continued, and it was a few moments later that a staff member announced that there were technical difficulties they were working on, and that we would all be given free popcorn.

I collected our treat, and we decided to wait another 10 minutes.  By 8:10, nothing was happening.  So we decided to call it a night and get a refund.

[in-ter-ception, 2]

It seems I am starting a collection of these.  *sigh*  Maybe I should wait until this movie comes out on DVD.

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