Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Picnic Club 3

Entertainment under the stars! I read a blurb in Sunset magazine and decided to coincide the third installation of Summer Picnic Club with the Outdoor Cinema Food Fest's screening of The Hangover at Exposition Park.

As you can see, a lot of people came out!  And they came totally prepared with blankets, picnic baskets, coolers, lawn chairs -- even books, board games, and booze, for the ide hours of daylight before the movie started.

[movie-watching picnickers]

For those who were less prepared more spontaneous, there was a long line of catering trucks, serving everything from your typical hot dog + chili fries, to more exotic things like Indian wraps and curries and sushi.  The lines were long!

[catering trucks]

DC and I had forgotten to bring a picnic blanket, so we sat on our eco bags, which worked out fine.  The Hangover is a terrific film to watch on a huge screen with a bunch of strangers.  It's just as hilarious the second time!

The Outdoor Cinema Food Fest has a couple more events this summer, if you're interested.  Check out their website here for movie names, dates, and venues.


  1. you really enjoyed your weekends and life! really enjoyed reading all of your writings and blog! love it.

  2. JD, love reading your blogs!