Monday, May 24, 2010

Garden corner

Just when you think I've only been in the kitchen: voila!  My new container corner in the garden.

[plants in mostly blue and white]

I commandeered an old folding chair from the garage and started moving plants and containers here and there for a tiered, layered look.  I turned the tray and a few planters upside-down to create more varied heights and show off all the colors.  I love how modular it is; lots of room to play around as fancy strikes.

[squash blossoms]

Over on the other side are Mrs. C's squash, in two planters.  They are doing fabulously well, and I can't wait to see the fruit appear.  This is my first time taking care of vegetables and I think it will be very gratifying (I don't even like squash)!


My succulents are thriving!  The jade plants used to be wrinkly, but just after a week or so they are plump and sprouting new leaves.  They get to bask in glorious sunlight for most of the day.  There are about eight different succulent varieties in this little four-inch pot, and I utterly adore them.  All but two come from cuttings.  They are sitting with Mrs. C's succulents in the terra-cotta section of the garden.

I've got great plans for this little space, especially as the weather continues to warm. 

Oh, how does your garden grow?

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