Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring cleaning: kitchens

When I was packing to move out of my old apartment, I didn't realize how much kitchen stuff I had accummulated!  All those drawers and cabinets that helped me organize everything neatly also led me to believe it wasn't that much stuff.  Now that it's divided -- or added to -- two already-furnished households, the big purge kitchen clean really has to happen.

[my old kitchen]

I am hanging on to my old pots and pans and some extra plates, as well as any doubles between DC and me, as a "starter set" for my younger brother.  He's moving back home from college this summer and I will keep these essentials on hand for him so that when he moves out he won't have the added expense of buying all new.  It's agreed that I'll keep these things from nine to 12 months; if he's still living at home, they're going to be donated.

I found this blog post helpful when it comes to the basics.  But in terms of my own needs/desires/whatever, how do I know what or how much to throw away?  For example, Whatabout the silverware? I'd like to keep some handy for entertaining, so that what I'm cutting down on is disposables.  But are three full sets for 12 really necessary?

[new kitchen]

Don't worry, I'm not all worked up about it.  Things will work themselves out.  My task for the next week is just to clean out and re-line the cabinets (drawers already done!).  That's manageable, especially with DC coming to help!

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