Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring cleaning: closet

I'm a fan of the Makeunder My Life blog because of the author's intentionality to create a quality life.  I like the term "makeunder" as opposed to the ubiquitous "makeover," which connotes that if we're not happy with our lives or ourselves, we can simply do it "[all] over."  Which is not really the case, right?  I love Jess' definition of a makeunder: "any action that improves one’s life through addition by subtraction."

Back in January, DC and I edited our closets and had at least three bagfulls to donate to Beach Cities Interfaith Services.

Taking a cue from MML's "end of the week exfoliation" (another brilliant word choice that evokes the image of scrubbing out to reveal something nicer underneath) series, right after the move I went through my closet and purged a fully-stuffed-paper-grocery-bag-size load of clothes, which DC donated -- along with a host of other things, including pillows and drapes from old roommates and apartments -- to the local American Veterans.

[part of the pile to donate]

I don't think I would have actually gotten rid of anything if it weren't for BCIS having a drop off at DC's church, or if DC hadn't already made an appointment for a pickup by AmVets.  How many times have I had bags of recyclables or donations nicely bagged, yet sitting by the front door for weeks on end?!  Remember, equally important to selecting and gathering the items to purge is actually taking them out of the house!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing MML and your makeunder on your blog! I am happy to meet another person designing a life with intention!

    Have a great day. :)

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