Saturday, May 8, 2010

New reading nook

In addition to cleaning, this spring we have organizing and arranging.  Which is enjoyable in two households: I get to play interior designer using a mix of my stuff and items that are already there at each place.  Another fun instance of slowly but surely merging lives.

The first project was to create a reading nook at DC's.  Previously he simply had a chair (the ever-recognizable Poang) and footstool in a corner of his bedroom.  It looked nice, but functionally, just held a lot of clothes or bags.

We put one of my old floor lamps in the corner (this one), along with a small bookshelf, and a pillow for some color contrast.  Result:

[new reading nook]

A cozy corner where DC can read or grade papers, with room for his books and a glass of water.  All it needs is some art on the walls.  I have some small pieces picked out, specifically us-related as it's in a private part of the house -- with plenty of space on the walls for our collection to grow.

DC was super excited about his new area, and began using it immediately.  "What's going on here?!" he asked in disbelief, from his chair, with books within arm's reach.

Your house is becoming functional, dear.

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