Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New ride

Although I am now only two miles away from my old apartment, I am on a new and very different get-to-work schedule that involves taking Metro railways instead of the bus. It makes me feel like I am living in Portland.  Or San Francisco. Or Tokyo. (Well, not really, but let a gal dream a little!). The ride is much smoother and faster than the bus, but now involves walking to the station and changing trains -- which means a lot of exit options and a lot of stairs. It took me about a week of emerging out of Metro stops three blocks away from my office or at the extreme other end of the platform before I finally got a handle on how to properly navigate those underground walkways.

[union station]

[two yellow lines; waiting for gold]

I even purchased a TAP card, which means no more fiddling with tokens and no more wasted paper printed for tickets. I think the Metro ticketing infrastructure is still being built, which is why there are ticket "sweeps" by officers every now and then. It's annoying for some people, but I don't mind.

[emerging from underground]

Other major changes need to be made, however, in terms of shoes and bags.  When I used to have to just walk downstairs or a couple city blocks to the bus stop, heels were bearable.  So was a load of library books.  But such is the case no more.  I have been rummaging for appropriate footwear and baggage.  So far, my work flats are okay, albeit barely.  I'm also testing out some of the free bags DC has gotten from conferences.  But I'm still looking (online, in stores) for cute, lightweight, efficient accoutrements.  And maybe an upgrade to a smart phone.

That's a lot of newness for someone who's not generally comfortable with change!  But I have been re-learning about embracing the new life, not being concerned or comparing it with the past.  And I'll do what DC always tells me: keep on keepin' on!

If anyone out there has suggestions as to good walking shoes (that may be appropriate with work clothes or not, I'll keep some heels at the office), bags, or a phone/PDA, I'm all ears!

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