Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Picnic Club 2010!

Ever since I read this post, and a week or so later, this one (look at that amazing photo!), I have had summer picnics on the brain.  Good food + outdoors + friends, old and new = totally enamored.

And so I took to the Internets to research.  Of course.  I had to start with finding the origins of the picnic.  Wikipedia's definition is longer, but here's a shorter one that I liked:

The word picnic traces to the 1692 edition of a French book, where it was used to describe a group of people dining in a restaurant who brought their own wine. For a long time a picnic meant a meal that everyone contributed something to, similar to a potluck. Sometime during the Middle Ages, picnics became the enjoyable outdoor meals that we know of today. In the early 19th century in London, the Picnic Society was formed by a group of fashionable people for purposes of entertainment.

Then I looked into what others have done, and how.  The Tokyo Picnic Club was a great find -- but maybe that's because I have a slight bent towards Japanese aesthetics. (^o^)  I plan on incorporating their 15 rules into my own iteration. 

And, keeping rules 7, 8, and 9 in mind, what's a picnic without food?  Martha and The Kitchn have been my go-to's, from how to plan a picnic to picnic knives to picnic recipes.   Pressed sandwiches, anyone?  See Heart of Light's version here.  Or how about a salad in a jar?  Lots of new recipes to try out -- good practice for packing work lunches, too!

I've got dates and at least the first location in mind but am still overthinking the wording -- ironic especially because I want this to be an easy project -- and hope to get my invitations out to friends by early June.  That's next week.  Geez.

Summer Picnic Club 2010 is all I think about whenever I pass by a park, particulary these days, as they are verdant and abloom.  I have talked it all up among some close friends, and DC is totally on board.  So at the very least, there will be a few people -- I hope!  Onwards with the planning!


  1. I love it! Maybe I'll try to start a picnic club in Portland!

  2. can we come too? :)
    we miss all of you!

  3. love the idea. great idea too!
    great idea and will attend if in town! for sure!

  4. Have you seen Mark Bittman's list of 101 picnic recipes that each take under 20 minutes to prepare? Lots of great ideas there:

    (Oh, and on that list of picnic rules, this one just cracked me up:

  5. Ooh, thanks for the link, Marsha! Lots of things look delish!

  6. This sounds wonderful~!!! I can't wait to catch up, haven't seen the other girls in forever too... and want to meet your fiance! ^ ^