Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Bouts

This year I intended to make bouquets for the mamas in my life: mom, g'ma, two sis' in law.   Then I found out my folks were hosting a get-together.  For about 40.  And about 10 moms.  Whoa.

My plan was to go to the farmers market and pick up some flowers to make small boutonnières for them all.  But DC had the excellent idea of cutting flowers from his garden.  Luckily for us, the former owner was a florist, so beautiful -- and many sweet-smelling -- blooms were in abundant supply.  So on Saturday night, before sunset, we walked around the front and back yards with pruners in hand.

DC cleaned them all off and helped me decide on combinations of flowers.  Just a few rounds of floral tape (that I already had on hand), and in a couple of hours we'd made over a dozen little arrangements.  It was fun -- and better yet -- FREE!

[nasturtium, roses, orange leaves, camellia leaves, lavendar, basil]

[boutonnières, done]

[boutonnières, next morning]

We stood them up in a plastic container with some water, and left them outside overnight.  The next day I pinned them on all the moms in attendance: a combination of aunts and cousins, including some visitors from France!  They were a big hit, especially the ones with the multicolored roses and herbs, because of the lovely fragrance.  A nice way to appreciate the mamas and make them feel special, because they are!

Hope all you mamas had a wonderful day!

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