Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thrifting at home

I'm such a sucker for housewares.  At department stores, discount stores, thrift stores, you name it.  And don't even get me started with Ikea.  I can spend inordinate amounts of time cruising the aisles of dishesware, glassware, storageware, servingware.  All of it.  I especially like the vintage pieces, so do prefer thrift stores.  Much to DC's chagrin.

Since I've been cleaning out the kitchen cabinet innards to reline them, I've discovered thrifting at home.  Mrs. C has some seriously vintage stuff -- check it out!

[vintage housewares]

I discovered vintage pyrex and corningware, and even an old school kettle (yes, you can put that glass straight on the burner).  I especially like the set of refrigerator dishes, which are already being used often!

But it's also appliances!  I brought my new Cuisinart food processor/blender over because I plan on making lots of smoothies this summer.  As we were making room for it, Mrs. C pulled out her old school blender.  It's from her own wedding registry.  In the early 70s.  And it still works like a charm!  We made smoothies together, and that first week that I was here with her, I came home from work each day to a mini smoothie just for me.  How sweet!

[old school blender]

I recently made some watermelon juice.  So fresh, and so delish!  (Just add some crushed ice and a touch of sugar.)  Don't you just love the avocado green of the blender?  They just don't make 'em like this anymore.

No, these items are not being donated.  Rather, they will be lovingly used and maintained.  And I will remember to go through the cabinets before heading out to thrift shops, for treasures abound here!

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